I came across this blog and found it to be super interesting. She makes a very good point. I can speak from experience that it’s really easy to fall into a pattern of avoidance, of doing what’s easy to predict to avoid negative outcomes. We can’t be afraid to move forward, to keep going. No matter how terrifying the future might seem sometimes, we have to take a risk and jump. We have to hope that we’ll be fine on the way down and land on our feet. And, if we don’t end up landing on our feet, we figure out how to get back up, learn from it and keep moving forward.

The Perpetual Vagabond

Last night I went to watch the swifts in Portland, who every September on their fall migration roost in the chimney of Chapman School in NW Portland. Watching the swifts is one of my favorite fall activities in this city, as hundreds of people come out with their families and friends and have picnic dinners on the steeply sloped hill, while watching thousands of birds swirl into the chimney at sunset. It’s a beautiful community event and I try to go see it at least a few times during the season.

But, last night turned out to be more than just a nice night of watching the beauty of nature and the strength of community. I learned something about myself that took me by surprise and has left me a bit unsure of where to go next. It came about during a conversation about past relationships, in which I said…

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  1. Kennia Garay says:

    i love this blog. for no other reason other than i relate to it presently and found great advise in it.

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